3 Ways Managers Can Validate Employees

3 Ways Managers Can Validate Employees

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What is Validation? Well the definition of validation isrecognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile. Now everyone in the workplace would feel pretty good if they were validated right?  Well, research has shown that 65% of the U.S workforce have said that they have not received any positive feedback from their upper management in about 12 months. Additionally, around 79% of people who have quit their job is a direct result of a lack of appreciation in the workplace.

It is more important than ever to validate employees in the workplace. Some would even say that it is the key to a successful work environment. Validation not only allows employees to feel acceptance but respected for their hard work. Every employee should feel appreciated, valued, and like they have importance. So how can you start doing this in your workplace? I listed 3 ways managers can validate employees below. 

Asking & Listening 

Make listening to employee’s concerns, comments, and ideas a priority. Every employee adds value to the workplace. It is important when they come to you that you have time set aside to listen to them. If you noticed that you haven’t talked to certain employees in a while. Reach out to them and ask them if they have any questions. You may be surprised at how many employees will hesitate to ask important questions. And remember to verify what you are hearing repeating back to them what you heard. Even if you do not agree you can still acknowledge their thoughts and ideas. 

Focus on Strengths 

It is important as a manager that you are focusing on your employees’ strengths rather than highlighting their weaknesses. Using positive reinforcement with employees can have an impact on their future performance. This will increase engagement and also allow employees to stay motivated. And when you need to give employees feedback use words that help the employee feel as though they can improve rather than just saying a phrase like “This is all wrong” . This gives employees a confidence boost and they will be more eager to get better at what they are doing. 

Acknowledge Achievements 

There are many things that go unacknowledged by managers. For example, when an employee has been early every day for a year or when they help out another co-worker without being asked. It is important to pay attention to the things that they do. Thanking them for going the extra mile and even rewarding them in from of co-workers can have a positive effect on their performance. You can even set monthly goals for employees to met and when they are met celebrate with the whole office. This will contribute to creating a positive work environment. 

In conclusion, it is important to always validate employees. When you do so you are not only giving them the support they need, but you are creating a healthy work environment of everyone. 

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