For your next job, 5 red flags that show your boss may be a nightmare and how to avoid having future employers that ruin your attitude and are unethical.

5 Red Flags That Show if your Boss May be a Nightmare

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The old adage is often true; we do not quit jobs, we quit bosses. Besides hurting your emotional well being and putting you in a negative environment, bad bosses may also affect your health. Often we do not see these red flags that give us a glimpse of their negative character traits until we are rooted in the company. We use red flags to help us determine if the romantic relationships we are in are healthy. We can use red flags to determine if the work relationships we are placed into are healthy as well. During the interview stages, you can use the five red flags to determine if your boss may be a nightmare.

Red Flag 1: Do They Lack Respect and Basic Manners?

If your interviewer is late, they should reflect manners and take ownership for their mistake by apologizing. This may happen in corporate offices that hold numerous meetings in their daily schedules. Another basic manner they should possess is giving you their full attention. Non-verbal communication is invaluable and small motions such as tapping your foot or looking at the clock show the interviewer’s disinterest and lack of respect for your time. No matter how important an executive or manager’s role is, they should be able to turn off all technology so you are not interrupted and focus on making a good impression and image of the company.

Red Flag 2: The Boss Seems Unorganized

When you first interview or are on the first week of the job you will quickly realize that your boss is either organized or not. One of my former employers was a nightmare because of this. She was horrible when it came to scheduling workers from week to week and would give me an insignificant amount of hours even with a flexible schedule. It is hard to work for someone who is unorganized as it leads you to be unorganized as well and rely solely on them. You may notice that there are files scattered on their desk or unclean workspaces. These are indicators that you may have a nightmare boss who is unorganized and difficult.

Red Flag 3: An Inflated Ego

There are hiring managers who are more interested in themselves than they are in you. “The best example of the inflated ego I’ve come across as a candidate was being told by the hiring manager that he’d looked at his LinkedIn profile, and then he asked why this wasn’t reciprocated,” says Dowzell. “This person does not only have an inflated ego, but they’re also needy. Who wants to work for a needy boss?”

People who have an inflated ego usually put themselves first. In company ethics and situations, bad bosses choose to protect the company above all else. This includes the possibility of being unethical to save their own reputation in the industry.

In today’s society, a key element of being a successful business is having communication. As a CEO, you cannot talk down to employees, but need to communicate on an equal level. This shows that there is a level of trust and respect between you and the employees.”

Red Flag 4: The Boss Asks Inappropriate Questions

One of the biggest red flags is to watch if a potential employer asks you any questions that violate your personal rights or may discriminate. When we see the statistic;  75% of senior women in tech have been asked about family life, marital status, and children during interviews. “Arguably, a hiring manager asking such questions hasn’t been sufficiently trained, but if they’re displaying unethical behavior at this stage, what does it tell you about how this manager operates?” she says.

Red Flag 5: The Boss Lacks Enthusiasm

When you enter a job, you want your manager to be passionate about their work. This leads you to being able to be excited about the work you will be doing as well. You also want them to have an internal locus of control. A locus of control refers to those causes to which individuals attribute their successes and failures. If they believe that they make their decisions and are the author of their own success, this is a good sign. If you feel excited in the meeting, then take the job! However, if you sense that the employer does not like his job the fact is that the office probably feels the same way. Overall, this leads to signs and a red flag that the office is plagued with low morale.

You will probably have many bosses throughout your life. You will have great ones and sometimes you may have nightmare bosses that will be featured on the “Top 40 Bonehead Boss Stories”. Now, remember the red flags. This will allow you to have bosses that cause you less future headaches.

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