How to Ethically Respond to Haters

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In 2019 everyone wants to get noticed, this usually means doing something new, different, or better. Getting noticed usually comes with a fair share of criticism and haters. Since haters on social media are an inevitability, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss different ways to deal with them. The way I see it, there are 3 ways to deal with social media haters and trolls: you can ignore them, retaliate against them, or make jokes about it to defuse the situation. While we are mostly dealing with haters on social media, Ross Simmonds has a great blog about haters in general.

Ignoring but still Hearing

Ignoring haters on social media is an ethically neutral way of dealing with them. No matter what you do someone will always find a way to criticize what you are doing or have accomplished. Ignoring haters does not mean that you don’t hear what they are saying, and it doesn’t affect you, it just means that you don’t act on the situation. A positive to this strategy is that you do not stoop down to the level of the haters, and you do not give them the satisfaction of getting to your emotions. On the other hand a negative might be that you look weak or dumb because you let them get the best of you.

Retaliation never helps

The second and least ethical way of responding to your haters is to retaliate against them. Retaliation can come in different forms: you could report them and block them from your page, engage with them in the comments, or delete their comments entirely. Depending on the severity of what has been said you may be able to report your haters, and no matter what you can always have them blocked from any interaction with your page in the future. Engaging with haters in the comments is probably one of the worst looks for a business. You look bad because you stooped to their level, and gave them what they wanted, but it also makes you look immature. Probably the most common form of retaliation is simply deleting the negative posts or comments. The practice of deleting comments is done often by large businesses, and celebrities who do not want any bad publicity on their social sites.

Defuse, defuse, defuse

In my opinion the best way to deal with haters on social media and is also the most ethical, which is to defuse the situation by agreeing with them or making self-deprecating jokes. If someone comments to you about something dumb or silly you did, you can just make fun of yourself. By doing this you look more humble and make their comments seem more mean-spirited, and more importantly you don’t have to spread negativity on yours or anyone else’s social media pages.

Haters are and inevitability for successful people, so it is very important to know how best to deal with them. In his article John Rampton of writes on how you can use haters to fuel your success, if you liked this blog you will enjoy what he has to say.

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