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Is TOMS Shoes Ethical?

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As people begin to care more about ethical practices in today’s society, it is necessary to consider the ethical practices of the companies consumers make purchases from. Whether its the origin of materials used or overall purpose of the company’s existence, consumers must evaluate who they are purchasing from. One company that many people have mixed feelings about is TOMS shoes, a for-profit company that focuses on selling shoes and other accessories.

TOMS Shoes’ Practices

TOMS shoes is most known for their buy one give one policy. With every pair of shoes that is purchased, another new pair of shoes is given to a child around the world in need. According to the company, they have given over 60 million pairs of shoes to those in need since 2006. Many people can agree that it is great they can help those in need by presenting them with a pair of shoes. Those who suffer daily from being barefoot are now capable of having protection and comfort. However, there are some who believe this buy one give one practice is wrong. In fact, it is believed that giving those in need a pair of shoes causes them to rely on external aid.

Even further, TOMS has a slight impact on the local markets in the countries that they give shoes to. As a result, TOMS is not acting as supportive or helpful to the countries they deliver shoes, despite what their company or marketing claims.


Despite the differing beliefs everyone has regarding this for-profit company, it is important for those to make decisions based on their views on the impact of the TOMS business. While giving shoes to those in need in another country helps many children, there is always the possibility that it harms some local businesses and people in the area.

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