Motivating Ethical Behavior

Motivating Ethical Behavior In The Work Place

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When running a business, it is important to dedicate your time to ensure you are creating an ethical environment.What most business owners seem to forget is that not every executive knows how to practice ethical behavior in their workplace. All employees come with a different background and act according to their moral standards. That is why it is more important than ever to ensure employees are contributing to ethical behavior. In 2018 study done by the Ethics and Compliance Institute, it showed that 47 % of U.S respondents personally observed conduct that violated either the law or organizational standards. And 69% of employees observed misbehavior in the work place. However, setting the eight ethical workplace culture allows your business to run smoother and keeps employees happier. 

Work Environment

It is important before making any changes to first take a look at the current work environment that you have in place. Identify you company’s goals, values, mission, and policies. Ensure that they still align with how your company is running before you proceed. You may also ask the input of your employees to show that their voice matters too. Which may motivate them to follow them because they were apart in making the change. Once you have done that you may have some changes you would like to make. This will be a good time to make them. 

Meetings & Training

Once you have you new ethical policies in place or decided to stick with the old ones it is time to provide training. You can make this a fun experience for employees. Provide snacks and prizes for employees to make them feel more relaxed. You review all your polies and procedures and even have them participate by acting out certain situations. And even do a pop quiz and whoever wins get a prize. After this training ensure you provide multiple trainings for employees to keep your employees well informed on the company’s expectations as well as any ethical issues they would like to discuss. 


Now that employees know what the polies and procedures are they can now practice them in the work place. But to keep them motivated it is important to reward them when they continue to follow ethical procedures. You can do this by providing raises, awarding an employee of the month, and even bonuses.

The Benefits

Once you start motivating your employees to use ethical behavior it provides many incentives encouraging your employees to improve productivity. Once employees feel that the work culture is aligned with their goals and standards, they feel invested in your company. By creating an ethical work place you allow your employees to unify and connect to each other and management. It will make employees feel valued and that they are a part of a team. 


In conclusion, in order to have a successful business it is important to motivate ethical policies in the work place so that employees are happy to follow them. 

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