The Unethical Pressure of Tipping

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What a local coffee shop has to say…

In the 18th-century English pubs, tipping became a manner involving numerous professions and billions of dollars. The topic of tipping, rather it is at a restaurant or a coffee shop, came to mind when I saw that Arcade Coffee has a no tipping policy and a “profit share model”. In their blog posted on April 24, 2017, it is stated “I really hate the idea of tipping. To think that someone expects me to pay them extra for actually doing their job well, kind of frustrates me”. They also bring up how important they value a perfect experience for their customers vs an awkward moment where you don’t know if you should tip or not. The logic behind there policy makes complete sense, but not everyone will agree with their mentality. 


In 2018, conducted a survey which showed “Ten percent of Americans ages 18 to 37 say they routinely leave no tip”. It also stated that nearly one in three leave less than a 15 percent tip at restaurants. Are millennials on the same boat when it comes to the thought of tipping like Arcade? What also drew up was the philosophically that young adult are most likely to say they would prefer to do away with tips and have the service charge included in restaurant food prices. 

Daniel Levine, trends expert and director of trends consultancy firm, says “Millennials as a generation are more socially conscious and they have strong ideas about fairness. They don’t want to see somebody’s wage rely on the customer’s whim”. Looking at the statistics and surveys being conducted, it is millennials want the system of tipping to end. I believe I tip fairly and tend to take many things into perspective. In most stated minimum wage is unlivable and tips go a long way for workers. What’s also important to keep in mind is that many work harder for their tips than others and know the importance of tipping. 

Tips on Tipping wrote an article in 2018 that helped many understand a quick etiquette refresher based on the fact that tipping is here to stay for now. President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol, an organization that teaches social skills and etiquette established a “Tipping 101” checklist. The following tips are said to be a learned behavior like any other social skill: 

  • Tip your bartender: $1.00 per drink
  • Your servers tip should be: 15-20%
  • Food delivery person: $4 (average amount)
  • Hotel housekeeping tip: $2 per night, up to $5 at a high-end hotel
  • Tip your valet parking person: $2 to $5
  • Your hair tip: 15 percent
  • Tip your shampoo person at a salon: $3-$5.00
  • The dog groomer: 15 to 20 percent
  • Tip taxi driver: 10-15 percen

Is tipping ethical?

Here are a few questions to think about when staring at the tip jar:

  • Do you really feel pressured to tip?
  • Is it rude of you not to tip?
  • Is it unethical for a receipt to ask you for a tip?
  • Does tipping reflect the service you receive? The quality? 

Feel free to leave your thoughts and overall opinion as we move forward into the rest of 2019.

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