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Slacking in the office: Procrascination​​ is #1

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We have all been guilty of procrastination at one point in our lives. The issue is slacking in the office can be unethical. Many of the times we are not aware that such a small problem can have major effects.It can be costly to the company, create more work for others and changes work culture. According to Dr. Ferrari One out of five people, fall into a category called chronic procrastinators. Understanding the root of procrastination can help to avoid the issue of slacking in the offfice.

Dont be the 20% of people who procrastinate like this guy! Watch this funny clip from The Office to see procrastination at its best.

The Problem

Procrastination is the delaying of a task and is the number one reason for slacking in the office because we don’t believe it can affect our work performance. For states effects of procrastination are health problems from stress and empty labor. The outcome is ended project budgets with no resolution but this habitual habit can be broken.

The Solution

We can overcome procrastination by writing goals down, taking small steps towards the goal, and creating a reward system. Big projects can become overwhelming to start. Although, if you write your goals down it’s a reminder about the task at hand. In addition, a little at a time is much easier than all at once. Furthermore, you can avoid anxiety and an angry boss. Secondly, set reward systems by creating affirmation after completion of tasks. Research of MRI scans show neural pathways are increased during self-affirmation tasks. In closing, slacking in the office comes in the form of procrastination. This bad business practice can be minimized by notetaking, small steps, and praise.

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