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Starbucks Striving to Stay Ethical

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One-way Starbucks Coffee aims to please their customers, employees, and shareholders is by continuing to stay ethical. On, they emphasize that for the 12thyear in a row, they have been recognized as one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies”. The ethics title and award is established by the Ethisphere Institute. As an opening sentence of their Ethics & Compliance, they state: “We believe that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing is vital to the success of the company”. Certainly, when Starbucks continues to strive for staying ethical, they are also reaching for their customers. With that being said, let us take a look at a few things Starbucks is known to be ethical in Ethical Leadership, Sourcing, and Diversity.


In order to maintain an ethical leadership, Starbucks provides resources that help their partners make ethical decisions at work. As a result, they also advise and enable leaders to drive ethical business practices. Starbucks partners with the business’ to ensure effective legal risk management and encouraging partners to speak up if they have questions or concerns. Uniquely, they also have a comprehensive ethics and compliance program. This program helps with employee relations issues, which are common issues with other companies.


In a USA TODAY statement from in 2015, Starbucks announced to be 99% ethically sourced in their java. They made a public announcement that 99% of its coffee will be verified as ethically sourced and sustainably produced. Consequently, they are also verified by outside certification specialists. By being ethically sourced, it will meet rigorous economic, environmental and social standards for the farmers who supply the coffee. Therefore, the moves they make in coffee are important because coffee could be the world’s first sustainably sourced commodity.

Located on the Starbucks website, the company has made many collaborations, programs, and reached milestones to ethically source their coffee. Relating back to last week’s posting which explains the definition of fair trade, it is apparent that Starbucks is one of many companies pushing to go fair trade in as many products as possible. The astounding investment of more than $100 million has been contributed to also supporting coffee communities. Farmer programs were created by Starbucks for farmer support centers, farmer loans, and forest carbon projects. They state that “All of these programs directly support improving farmers livelihoods and ensuring a long-term supply of high-quality coffee for the industry.

As figured, millions of people are supporting Starbucks by purchasing from them. But, sadly many don’t really get or understand the efforts and concepts Starbucks has been doing. They are not only are they “Reaching the Customer” but they are aiming to be as ethical and sustainable as possible.


To maintain how their company is ran ethically and successful, Starbucks grows in diversity. As the years have gone by Starbucks has been one of the first companies to make it apparent that they build off of human connections, community involvement, and the celebration of cultures. They commit to upholding a culture where diversity is valued and respected. Starbucks defines Diversity in a simple form of an equation, Diversity= Inclusion+ Equity+ Accessibility. Inclusion relates to human connection & engagement. Equity is fairness & justice. Accessibility is the ease of use & barrier free. One that has is heavily focused on is their partners.

On their website, they mention “We seek out and engage partners who are as diverse as the community we serve”. The employees within Starbucks focus on develop from educating and engaging. It is thankfully and exciting to witness that Starbucks in continuing to hire hard workers. These employees come from all different backgrounds and cultures which exemplify how Starbucks is continuing to be ethical in how they run their business.

“Starbucks is dedicated to creating a workplace that values and respects people from diverse backgrounds, and enables its employees to do their best work. We honour the unique combination of talents, experiences and perspectives of each partner, making Starbucks’ success possible.”

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