Seperating Business and Pleasure

The Importance Of Not Mixing Business With Pleasure

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In the workplace separating business from pleasure can be complicated. Executives may find it hard to distinguish a business relationship from a friendship or even a romantic endeavor. With the growing popularity of social media, it makes things a little harder to draw the line between business and pleasure. Furthermore, the lines maybe blurred when participating in leisure activities with colleagues. Business talk could easily turn into personal life matters. However, there are ways to find a balance between the two. In a recent study executive are much happier and productive when they have friends at work. This leaves executives slightly confused on how to find the right balance combining social and work life balance. Here are the reasons why you should never mix the two.

Effects Your Professionalism 

In the workplace you want to be seen as a dependable co-worker. However, when talking too much about personal issues you could easily get distracted and not be able to get work done. It may also lead to after work dinner or activity which could lead to unprofessional behavior. When your back in the office place you may not know how to act or keep up your professionalism. This can lead to a lack of professionalism that could lead to a bad impression of you at the office. 

It Can Destroy Your Rep 

You have spent time and sweat equity to build your reputation by oversharing it could destroy it in one conversation. The negative impact that it could have on your career can last for years. If you share a bit of your personal life co-workers may form opinions that are untrue or bias. This could create distrust in the office and office gossip. 

Effects Your Productivity

It may have been great having lunch with your office friend and talking about the game last night. But when you bring your personal interest to the work space, staying on task could be difficult. Your socialization can be a major distraction. Which could lead to missing important deadlines and missing great opportunities. 

How To Keep It Professional?

There are so many more reasons why you should avoid mixing the two. Especially office romances which could have lasting effects on the trajectory of your career. Below are some tips you could use in the workplace to ensure you don’t mix business and pleasure. 

  • Maintain your professionalism at all times. This maybe hard when your colleague feels like a friend but always remember you are in the workplace. 
  • Keep your personal life personal and keep topics lighthearted and work related. 
  • Try not to go out for drinks or party with co-workers because you never know what it could lead to. You could let something slip about how you really feel about a co-worker or a romance could spark.

In Conclusion 

When separating business from pleasure it takes time to find a balance and if your struggling ask a mentor or friend you trust for help. It is normal to for the lines to blur every once in a while, but always ensure you set the record straight and keep your professionalism. 

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